Welcome to the Marin Countywide Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program

Marin’s Clean Water Program
Marin’s Clean Water Program

A collaboration of Marin’s 11 cities and towns, and the county protecting water quality

Reducing Priority Pollutants
Reducing Priority Pollutants

Focusing on Marin’s priority pollutants including Sediment, Trash, Pathogens, Pesticides, Mercury, and PCB’s

Providing Resources
Providing Resources

Stormwater resources for businesses, residents, contractors, developers, creek projects and permitting, students and teachers, and more!

Information is Key
Information is Key

We provide interactive trainings for contractors, developers, and county and municipal staff

Visit our Community Corner
Visit our Community Corner

Showcasing our community partnerships, local and countywide projects, and current news and events

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MCSTOPPP has been assisting Marin’s 11 cities and towns, and the county since 1993

Report A Discharge
Anonymously report illegal discharges to creeks or storm drains, and illegal dumping

Municipal Staff
Local Stormwater Program resources listed by permit section and requirement
Business Resources
A wide variety of Business Best Management Practices
Construction Projects
Resources and Best Management Practices for Construction
New and Redevelopment
Post Construction Tools, Guidelines, and Requirements
Public Resources
Best Practices on Everything from Boating to Swimming Pools
Creek Restoration and Permitting
Permits, Marin Project Coordination Meetings, and Additional Resources
Eco-friendly Pest Control
Less Toxic Pest Management, Rain Gardens, Native Plants
Students and Teachers
Activities, Projects, Volunteering, Publications, Watershed Maps
Horse Owners and Boarding
Facilities, Land, and Manure Management, Manure Composting