Horse Owners and Boarding

Horse Owners and Boarding

How To Improve Water Quality At Equestrian Facilities

Stewardship on horse property is a major opportunity and responsibility. These guides focus on caring for the land, managing manure, and giving practical solutions to horse owners on what can be done to help protect the environment. Whether an owner has one horse or operates a boarding facility, all equestrians play an important role in assuring that our watersheds are healthy and our creeks clean.

Marin County residents who keep horses on their property may order printed copies of these publications through MCSTOPPP. Shipping and handling are also included. Please send your name, address, City, Zip Code, Phone number, and e-mail address to:

Attn: Howard Bunce
P.O. Box 4186, San Rafael, CA 94913-4186

Manure Composting
Additional Information
  • Confined Animal Facility Program – The San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board is the state authority for the region’s Confined Animal Facility regulatory program which currently covers commercial horse facilities in the Tomales Bay watershed
  • West Marin Co-Composting Program – Sponsored by the Marin Resources Conservation District
  • Horsekeeping for Clean Water Workshop – (April 2017) Hosted by the Tomales Bay Watershed Council – Workshop presentations and additional information for complying with the Confined Animal Facilities permit