Pet Waste Pledge

Pledge to prevent poo-lution and get a free dog waste bag holder!

Whether you gaze out over Richardson Bay, play in the surf at Stinson Beach, hike to the heights of Mt. Tam, or stroll along your favorite neighborhood creek, the beauty of Marin will captivate you and keep you coming back for more. But when pet waste is improperly disposed, it can be picked up by water and washed into storm drains or directly into local creeks, bays, or the ocean. Once in the water, pet waste causes poo-lution by contributing pathogens and nutrients that negatively impact water quality.

Did you know there are more than nineteen thousand licensed dogs with the Marin Humane Society? That’s more than fourteen thousand pounds of dog poop a day! To protect the water quality in our creeks, bays, and ocean, as well as the health of our families, it is important for all dog owners to pick up after their pets!

Here are some simple guidelines to be a responsible pet owner:

  • Always bag your dog’s waste and throw it away in the trash (NOT the green bin)
  • Pick it up and pack it out when enjoying one of Marin’s dog-friendly hikes or walks around your neighborhood
  • Pick up pet waste in your yard – pathogens will stay for months to years and put you, your family, and the environment at risk
  • Encourage others to be responsible pet owners
  • Don’t use pet waste for fertilizer or bury it where food will be grown
Take the pledge below and thank you for helping protect our creeks!

MCSTOPPP pet waste bag holder

    Pet Waste Pledge Form

    • I pledge to ALWAYS scoop the poop when on walks with my dog, and carry extra bags

    • I pledge to scoop the poop at home, at least weekly, rain or shine

    • I pledge to bag it, and put it in the trash

    • I pledge to encourage others to clean up after their pets

    Responsible Pet Owner Information