STRAW Program

Students and Teachers Restoring a Watershed

MCSTOPPP has been partnering with Point Blue Conservation Science’s Students and Teachers Restoring A Watershed (STRAW) Program every year since 1999! The goals of the STRAW Program are to educate Marin County students that:

  • We all live in a watershed
  • Riparian habitat plays an important role in stream health
  • Stormwater pollution adversely impacts water quality and comes from many everyday sources
  • They can play an important part in making a difference

It is a continuous process that involves pre-restoration lessons and restorations with students and teachers that also includes Watershed Week, network events, multi-visit program lessons, and environmental education lesson designing calls with teachers. During the restorations students remove non-native invasive species and trash, plant natives, and play an active role in restoring riparian habitats in their local creeks and wetlands.

Partnering Marin County Schools
Over the past two decades the STRAW Program has partnered with schools from all over Marin! Those currently participating in the program are marked with an asterisk (*) below.

  • *Bolinas-Stinson Elementary School
  • Manor Elementary School
Lucas Valley
  • Lucas Valley Elementary
  • Mary E. Silveira Elementary School
  • *Miller Creek Middle School
Mill Valley
  • *Edna Maguire Elementary School
  • Marin Horizon School
  • *Old Mill Elementary School
  • *Park Elementary School
  • *Hamilton Elementary School
  • *Loma Verde Elementary School
  • Lynwood Elementary School
  • Novato Charter School
  • *Olive Elementary School
  • *Rancho Elementary School
  • *Ross Elementary School
San Anselmo
  • *Hidden Valley Elementary School
  • *Brookside Elementary School
San Geronimo
  • *San Geronimo Open Classroom
San Rafael
  • Bahia Vista Elementary School
  • Brandeis Marin (formerly Brandeis Hillel Day School)
  • *Glenwood Elementary School
  • Head Start Short School
  • Davidson Middle School
  • Laurel Dell Elementary School
Strawberry Point
  • *Strawberry Point School
  • Bel Aire Elementary School
  • Tomales High School