Leo T Cronin Fish Viewing Area

Location            Sir Francis Drake Blvd, Lagunitas, CA 94968 (see map)

This Marin Municipal Water District completed this renovation in early 2010 which was made possible with the assistance of state grant funds. The project replaced the existing impervious asphalt parking lot with permeable concrete. Permeable concrete allows potentially contaminated stormwater runoff from the parking lot to percolate through the pavement and infiltrate into the substrate below. This process filters out and breaks down potential pollutants and reduces concentrated runoff into Lagunitas Creek, protecting this critical salmon spawning habitat,

The project also replaced plants around the parking area with a variety of native versions, created a new trail, installed a bridge, and put up an information kiosk. Much of the work was done by AmeriCorps and Conservation Corp North Bay volunteers.

January 18, 2010