Annual Reports

Every year each municipality is required to report to the State Water Resource Control Board on all of their activities and compliance measures that are required to help protect stormwater from pollution. MCSTOPPP compiles information from each of the local stormwater programs and adds countywide program efforts, along with regional collaborations to develop countywide reports that are integrated into the local program’s annual reporting.

Beginning in 2014 the State Water Resources Control Board required that all annual reporting must be done through the State Board’s SMARTS online database system. Annual reports for all of Marin’s municipalities and the County are now available on the SMARTS website. To view MCSTOPPP Annual Reports prior to 2012-2013 contact MCSTOPPP for digital copies. Some of our other countywide and regional reports from the Bay Area Stormwater Management Agencies Association (BASMAA) and the Our Water Our World (OWOW) program are also listed below.

MCSTOPPP 2012-2013BASMAA Regional ReportsOWOW Reports
The 2012-2013 Annual Report is listed below as either a complete document or with the supplemental documents and appendices broken out.

Complete 2012-2013 Annual Report Including Additional Documents
2012-2013 Annual Report by Section
In addition to local and countywide efforts, MCSTOPPP also contributed to regional programs and reporting through the Bay Area Stormwater Management Agencies Association (BASMAA). These efforts are summarized in the BASMAA Regional Phase II Annual Reports below. Contact MCSTOPPP for digital copies of BASMAA Regional Reports prior to 2015-2016.

In partnership with our trained OWOW Program Specialist, MCSTOPPP provides participating stores with an assortment of OWOW fact sheets and shelf tags to assist customers in finding products and solutions that effectively manage various pests in the least toxic way possible. Our Program Specialist also provides support for customers and store staff through in store trainings, tabling events and demonstrations, and free online webinars. These efforts are summarized in the annual reports below.

Our Water Our World Annual Reports

For Our Water Our World annual reports prior to 2015-2016 contact MCSTOPPP for digital copies.