Online Reporting Form

Report Stormwater Pollution and Creek Violations

All reports of stormwater pollution and creek violations are investigated within 72 hours of receiving them during normal business hours. If you are witnessing a hazardous materials spill or discharge, or other emergency, please call 911. Also, call 911 if pollution is significant and/or an imminent threat to the health of a local waterway.

Reporting party information is kept confidential. Your information will only be shared with staff from relevant agencies investigating the report. We will only contact you if we have follow up questions regarding the location and details of the discharge or creek violation, or if you have requested us to do so.

Thank you for helping protect our creeks!

    Stormwater Pollution or Creek Violation Reporting Form

    Discharge Was Found in or Around

    Approximate Location of Discharge or Creek Work

    Description of Materials Found

    Responsible Party Information (If Known)

    Reporting Party Information