Community Partnership and Volunteering

Find Ways To Make A Difference In Your Neighborhood!

No matter where you live, your actions influence watersheds and creeks. In Marin, all storm drains flow directly to local creeks, bays or the ocean without treatment, so whatever makes it to our streets ends up in our creeks. The actions of a few can influence the behaviors of the many, so make a difference in your neighborhood today!

We are very fortunate to partner with some really amazing citizen volunteer and non-profit groups working hard to protect our local waterways, but they can always use more help. Interested in starting your own community group or adopting a spot on your own? How about becoming a Clean Business Member? Or maybe even doing some creek monitoring? Check out all of these options and more below!

Trash isn’t just a problem, it’s an ongoing social epidemic. Check out all the ways we’re working to make a difference through Clean Marin and how you can help!

Want to know more about your watershed or local creek and how to protect it? We have a whole list a great Creek Groups!

Clean MarinCreek Groups

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To reach the goal of a litter free Marin, Clean Marin is implementing a plan that brings everyone to the table so together we can break the life cycle of trash. MCSTOPPP is proud to be a partner in Clean Marin’s growing coalition of public agencies, volunteer groups, businesses, students, and non-profit organizations!

Clean Marin Action Teams

Clean Marin has developed four Action Teams to address the wide spectrum of activities that can be done by volunteers to affect change.

  • Volunteer Programs – Developing tools and providing support to encourage Clean Groups and plan cleanups throughout Marin.
  • Clean Highways – Working through volunteer and multi-agency partnerships to develop real solutions to reduce the trash load on our highways.
  • Outreach, Education, and Marketing – Developing web based and social media content, outreach materials and campaigns, and school and business programs to engage the public, promote events, and expand anti-litter campaigns.
  • Source Control – Assisting and expanding recycling and zero waste programs, developing model local ordinances and product bans, and improving consumer awareness.
Clean Marin Programs

Our goal is to collectively develop and improve tools and provide the necessary support so any group, business, or individual can participate in Clean Programs and make a difference in their community or neighborhood!

  • Adopt-A-Spot Program – Adopt a Spot today and play an active role in maintaining the beauty and cleanliness of your neighborhoods, parks, schools, creeks, shorelines and downtowns!
  • Clean Business Program – Take the Clean Business Pledge and take an active part in keeping your community clean!
Visit Clean Marin to learn more!

There are creek and watershed groups throughout Marin working to protect their creeks and bays and improve the water quality. You can protect your local creek by participating in your local creek group!

Group Contact Phone
Friends of Corte Madera Creek Sandy Guldman (415) 456-5052
Friends of Novato Creek Sue Lattanzio (415) 883-8339
Friends of Willow Creek (Sausalito) Steve Moore (415) 453-4482 x202
Gallinas Watershed Council Russ Greenfield (415) 578-2580
Miller Creek Watershed Stewards Ray Lorber N/A
Salmon Protection & Watershed Network Todd Steiner (415) 488-0370
Streamkeepers (Mill Valley) Joyce Britt (415) 388-4187
Tam Valley Watershed Group Elizabeth McKee (415) 381-0875
Tomales Bay Watershed Council Neysa King (415) 868-9081
Trout Unlimited Erik Young (206) 681-5148
Watershed Alliance of Marin Laura Chariton (415) 234-9007